Shannon Hitt

I have been in east Texas since 2011, following my parents who had moved to the area three years earlier.  I strongly believe that to get to know the community you live or work in requires getting involved in that community.  I began this quest by taking the Jacksonville Leadership class.  As a result of participating in that class I was asked to co-chair it the next year, and I’ve continued to do so each year since.  It has allowed me to meet new people and given me the opportunity to become more involved and invested in the city of Jacksonville.  Currently, I am on the board for the United Fund of Cherokee County and the Jacksonville Kiwanis club.  I also have the honor of being the 2021 chair-elect of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce.


Professionally, I have a degree in Accounting, a MBA, and a MPA (Master of Public Administration).  While working for the United Way, over 20 years ago, it became apparent to me that my passion was for helping organizations in the not-for-profit arena, specifically those that address human service needs.  I enjoy helping them maintain their budgets and finances.  During that time a friend of mine talked me into starting a business of my own.  He also had his own business, and he became my first client. Having my own small business allows me to advocate for the financial success of other small businesses.

 I am invested in my community, and I’d love to invest in the success of your business.